Recycled Soda Bottles

Posted on May 27, 2010 in Other Crafts & Crafty People | 2 comments

Here’s another great way to recycle soda bottles, cut and shape them into trees!  I was amazed when I saw this sitting at a friend’s desk, he told me that his son brought it back with him from a recent visit to the Philippines.  I thought, what a neat way to recycle those plastic soda bottles.  It is meticulously cut with scissors I gather, and designed into a bonsai tree or a Christmas tree complete with bird flying over a branch.  He agreed to lend them to me for picture taking, so here it is…


The base can be a receptacle for paper clips or coins, to hang your jewelry with.


This one is a nice blue color, I think from an RC soda bottle.


I especially like this one shaped like a bonsai tree.


Another day of turning the ordinary to extraordinary!



  1. how to make those things above. I would like to know all the steps so that I can make it better

  2. Those are so neat! you would never guess that they’re made out of a soda bottle until you take a look at the bottom. This would be a challenging yet fun craft to try 🙂