Janice Bautista

Owner of Aubrey’s Beads
Publisher of PaperBeads.org
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Janice’s background:
Semi-retired from the home care industry, ‘been doing it for almost twenty years – that’s me during the day.  At night (when I usually come alive) I delve into hand-made crafts –  knitting, crocheting, origami, jewelry making and most recently, I have to feed my obsession with paper beads!  It must have been something I saw from a catalog that sparked my interest.  Paper Beading is a very simple craft and the idea of recycling my many magazines and tons of shopping catalogs, which I get in the mail everyday,  into beautiful beads just got me all busy and excited.

I was on the phone with my sister who is in the Philippines and she asked me what kind of project I happened to be doing one day (she knows I am always involved in one craft or another.)  I mentioned to her my new hobby of paper beads, and she did not let me hang up the phone until I explained everything to her!  She got to work, and did some more research on the hobby on her own.  A few days later, she explained to me that it sparked her interest in a serious way because there are a lot of families who can benefit from making paper beads in the Philippines.  So that is how it started.

I hope to be able to take you on the journey of turning old magazines and newspapers into wearable art!


Making Paper Beads with a Bamboo Roller

A little more about Janice:
I own a cute little bead store in beautiful Glendora, California called Aubrey’s Beads.  It makes me happy when someone picks up a new hobby.  The hobby can be anything, not just beading, or jewelry…to me, a person who has a hobby is a happy person. 

If you’re interested in getting started with a paper bead hobby – we’ve recently added paper beads, kits, and all materials you need to begin.  Please peruse my PaperBeads.org for all things paper beads