Janice Bautista

Owner of Aubrey’s Beads
Publisher of PaperBeads.org
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Janice’s background:
Semi-retired from the home care industry, ‘been doing it for almost twenty years – that’s me during the day.  At night (when I usually come alive) I delve into hand-made crafts –  knitting, crocheting, origami, jewelry making and most recently, I have to feed my obsession with paper beads!  It was something I saw in a magazine that sparked my interest.  Paper Beading is a very simple craft and the idea of recycling my many magazines and tons of shopping catalogs, which I get in the mail everyday,  into beautiful beads got me excited.

One  day, I was on the phone with my sister who is in the Philippines and she asked me what kind of project I happened to be doing (she knows I am always involved in one craft or another.)  I mentioned my new hobby of paper beads, and she did not let me hang up the phone until I explained everything to her!  She got to work and did some more research about it on her own.  A few days later, she explained to me that it sparked her interest in a serious way because there are a lot of families who could benefit from making paper beads in the Philippines.  And, that is how Paper Beads started…

I hope to be able to take you on the journey of turning old magazines and newspapers into wearable art!


Making Paper Beads with a Bamboo Roller

A little more about Janice:
I live in Southern California and love spending time with my children and grandchildren. I enjoy creative endeavors and it makes me happy when someone picks up a new hobby.  The hobby can be anything, not just beading or jewelry…to me, a person who has a hobby is a happy person.

If you’re interested in getting started with a paper bead hobby and are looking for supplies, please visit my etsy shop or janicemae.com.   And, please browse this website and my youtube channel for lots of ideas and free tutorials.