Free-Flowing Wire Wrap

Posted on Jul 14, 2010 in How-To's / Tutorials | 2 comments

I like anything free-form, don’t you?  There is free form embroidery, free form crochet…… implies freedom to do where your imagination takes you.  I like the word free flowing even better, it suggests spontaneity.  These last few days, I wire wrapped a lot of shells, taking some time off by the beach 🙂  I wanted to share with you how I did this and was hoping one video would do it.  Well, I ended up with three videos, I hate leaving a few things out, so here it is.

It is called a 4 wire, wire wrapped because you would be using four wires.  Some of the shells I painted them with glitter some, I left it in it’s natural color.

Free Form Wire Wrap

The materials you need: 28 gauge (small and lightweight like sea urchin), 26 gauge for most shells, 24 gauge for heavier objects.  A round nose pliers for curling the excess wire and a flush cutter.

You can put beads like pearls or paper beads which what I did in some of the shells I wrapped. The second part of the video is making the bail and finishing off the ends.

They are great for pendants and for me a good accompaniment with paper beads.  Why?  Paper beads look a lot like shells, don’t you think?

Free Form Wire Wrap

I had fun taking pictures of them by the beach, and this little guy almost got away from me, I had to fish it out of the water 🙂

Free Form Wire Wrap

One of the things I did that came out really nice is the ammonite, I don’t know if I can part with it.

Free Form Wire Wrap

I experimented and crocheted at the base of this turbo shell, and I just love also the lacy effect of the crocheted wire – for crochet, you need to use the 28 gauge wire.

Free Form Wire wrap


  1. Where is that beach? I have never seen shells like you have at any beach I’ve been to. Those shells are beautiful!

  2. Thanks so much Janice for showing us how to do this! I do agree with you that paper beads do look alot like shells. I wouldn’t part with the ammonite either, because if you do, you know you will regret it and don’t you hate when that happens.