Play with Paper Beads and Paper Clay

Posted on Jan 6, 2010 in Other Crafts & Crafty People | 3 comments

I am introduced lately to paper clay, how?  By wandering around craft stores, getting inspired, getting ideas, if you are into all sorts of paper crafts like me you know what I mean.  Creative Paper Clay, is just like any other clay except, it is easier to work with and requires no firing in a kiln or oven.  I like doing things simple and this requires no experience it all.  It is very light when dry, like soft wood.  It is great companion for paper beads and so I made a beaded paper clay bead with small paper beads.

paper clay

Paper Clay once taken out of the package just looks like dough and it is soft and moist.  I cut out one with a cooker cutter to show you how it looks like unpainted.


You can sand it, and paint it if you like.  What I did with mine is mixed in red acrylic paint to a hue of pink to go with my paper beads.  Here’s an example of other beads I made; I glued crystals on it and varnish it with diamond glaze to make it look like a disco ball and the other one, I crocheted around it, I like it better than crochething around wood or beads, because I can make it any size and color I want.


Here is my paper beaded ball!  I like holding it and rolling it around my hands, I don’t know what to do with it yet, maybe a pendant or something.


I used monofilament string or fishing line so it does not show and strung a red seed bead, 7 small paper beads, a red seed bead and just go around the bead.  For this size of bead which is about, 25 mm I used up 3 strands or 77 small paper beads.


This will be listed on my etsy shop, so someone can make it into a pendant or do something special with it.  I hope this has inspired you to make something with paper beads today.


  1. Good Pm! Which craft store sells paper clay? My son who is taking up fine arts needs it for his plate. Thank you

    • Hello Angel,

      I got them from Michael’s, if Michael’s have them probably Hobby Lobby too. They also have an online shop and paper clay ideas under Modeling Compounds. I hope this helps you. Fearlessly Crafting, Janice Mae.

  2. I love working with clay what a good idea to use paper clay with paper beads, makes for a light as a feather necklace