Paper Bead Swap Theme – Color Of Fall

Posted on Sep 15, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 15 comments

What do you think of Another Paper Bead Trade?  I have been getting emails requesting for another paper bead swap.  Meagan suggested a “Winter” theme read more of her comment here, I like that idea.  Our First Paper Bead Swap was quite successful thanks to all of you who participated, I couldn’t have asked for a better group 🙂  While we’re at it, why not plan for two paper bead trade?  One with a fall theme and one with a winter theme?  Well, I will let you decide.  So now, table is open for suggestions!  And to get us all inspired here’s a few Fall images:


Fall colors is of course open to interpretation, for us here living in California, these are some of fall images that I see around me:


When I hear the word Fall, oranges and browns come to mind.


Yellow, greens and reds as well…


Kayla and I just like with the changing of the season, looks forward to creating jewelry that are rich in colors and what girl wouldn’t love to bring a little bling to chase the gloomy days away?  Thus, came the Ideal Autumn Ring.



  1. I would love to join in on the swap! How does it work?

    • Hi Nicole!

      I will count you in. Will post further instructions. Welcome! Janice

  2. Count me in! I think it sounds like fun.

  3. Could you explain to us “newbies” how the swap works?

  4. I’m in! I love these swaps.

  5. I would definitely love to be among the autumn swappers… (my favorite colours!!!)

  6. wonderful ideas !! i want to join the band this time again !! i go and make autumn beads right now !

  7. I am SO excited! I received my bead roller kit and other goodies on Tuesday! My husband called me at work and said that it had arrived- and when I got home he said that he thought that I needed to wait until Christmas morning to open it! lol No more rolling on toothpicks and T-Handle mini screw drivers-woot woot! Needless to say, I have been a paper bead rolling machine since! Although I’m a newbie, please count me in the swap also:}

  8. i want to participate 2 🙂

  9. I love the ideas! Count me in for both of the themes!That’s 20-30 beads for each theme, right? I will email you my address, just in case you misplaced the first one.

  10. I had such a great time in the 1st paper bead trade that you had Janice. Of course you can count me in on this one too! I’m in for both the Fall and Winter theme!

  11. I would love to participate. I consequently already have some fall beads made and would love to make more!!!

  12. love this idea i <3 the beautiful colors of fall

  13. I love this idea too. I have some beautifully colored paper that is perfect for fall.

  14. I would love that. I hope it will happen. Just in case, I will start to work on fall colors as soon as I am done with my current project.