First Paper Bead Trade 2010

Posted on Jun 21, 2010 in Other Crafts & Crafty People | 20 comments

I put in First on the title of this post because I am hoping that there will be a Second and Third Paper Bead Trade for this year at least.  I am excited about this because it’s like going into a party with like minded individuals yet you don’t really have to go anywhere and just be in your pajamas sipping your morning coffee.  A few of you have suggestions on how we are going to do this, I like Eveline’s idea the most (thank you for the suggesting this).  So here it is ladies;


  • First you will email me or leave me a comment (would be nice) to sign up – 16 participants is ideal.  In your email you need to send me your full name and mailing address.
  • You will make 20-30 paper beads of different size if possible if not whatever size and shape you are comfortable making
  • You will then mail your paper beads to me – address is on the envelope you see in the image below
  • After I get all these nice paper beads of different sizes coming from all over the world, I will then sort it out, with Kayla’s help of course (she has a really good eye for color) and match it with beads that I have in my collection.
  • I will then mail you other participant/s paper beads with coordinating beads and findings (elastics and ear wires) for you to make into elastic bracelet and matching earrings (if you like).
  • You will take a photo of your finished creation and email them to me and post it in your blog or flickr to share with every one else.
  • You will have until July 15 to mail your paper beads to me.  Note: not for me to receive it but for you to mail it, I realize that for those who are from another country that it will take probably 3 weeks for me to get it, just ordinary mail so you don’t have to pay for expensive postage.
  • This Paper Bead Trade is open until June 30th.

Paper Bead Trade 2010

In the next day or so I will be posting examples of VERY simple bracelet and earrings that is beginner, beginner project.

Paper Bead Trade 2010

After all this is just our first try at doing this right?  If successful, then we can move on to bigger projects 🙂

Paper Bead Trade

Remember: There is no right or wrong way of doing paper beads, they are all unique and hand made, so please, please, do not be intimidated by this.

Paper Bead Trade

Tell your friends, we need to have at least 16 participants, my sister Joann is excited about this whole thing, it is her first time as well and if it make you feel better, she has never strung a single bracelet in her life, sorry Ann…

Paper Bead Trade 2010

If you have questions, please feel free to email me,  I read and answer all of them although I would prefer that you leave me a comment, other people might have a similar question.

Paper Bead Trade 2010

Next post: Hilde’s amazing paper bead jewelry and more on the paper bead trade.  Start rolling now ladies, WE CAN DO THIS!


  1. For themes you could do something like “Winter” and have everyone make beads that are like blue or white. Or a water theme. A food theme would be cool. Since Halloween is comming up we could use that as a theme. If you do it later in the year, Christmas would be cool. These are just ideas.

    • Hey Meagan,

      I like the “winter” idea….

  2. You should do this again! I love the idea. Cant wait for the next one!

    • Hi Meagan,

      I am thinking of a theme, any ideas? I sure love to do another one!

  3. I just received my kit from the 1st Paper Bead Trade Today!!! Wow!!! It’s so exciting to see in person all the Beautiful paper beads that everyone made! It’s so nice to know that we are all connected now!
    Everyone will be so excited to see what’s in their kit so I won’t spoil it for anyone, but all I can say is your are going to be saying Wow alot like me!

    Thanks So Much Janice for Everything you put in my kit (I Love It!) and once again to Kayla for helping!!!

  4. Hi! Your paper beads are beautiful! I just learned about how to make paper beads this evening and I’m so excited to try making them tomorrow. I wish to make pretty ones too and hopefully, I could join in the second swap… hoping there would be another one soon after the first one! 🙂

  5. I just posted a project I finished last weekend. I have some beads left over, but I think I’ll make some new ones, too! Thank you for sponsoring the swap!

  6. I just discovered this wonderful site. I have been emersed in the art of paper bead making for about 3 years now, and cannot get it out of my blood. To find others equally excited about the art form is such a blessing to me. Count me in, I will e-mail you to get the details, just in time for the deadline…

  7. I just found your blog today and I’m thrilled to find that other people are enjoying this hobby as much as I am! I would love to be part of the exchange if you still need people. Thank you!

    • Hi! I am not putting a limit on how many wants to join, right now we have about 15 people but anybody interested is welcome to join until June 30th. Email me your address on the Email Me Contact form. Thank you.

  8. So glad to see so many people joining in!

    • Thank you for helping me spread the word.

  9. Janice,
    I would be glad to participate. I have already sent my address to you. Thanks!

  10. I just started making paper beads thanks to EvelineUK’s youtube about them. SO count me in!!

    • Hi Deina,

      Just email me your address please. Thank you. Janice Mae

  11. I can’t wait either, I’m trying to decide on what colors to make hmm? 🙂

  12. Can’t wait to get started on my paper beads. This is going to be lots of fun 🙂

  13. Hi Janice,
    Thanks for keeping this easy and showing us examples of simple bracelet and earrings for the beginner beginner like me. This is going to be alot of fun!

  14. I’d love to participate! I’ll send you e-mail today.
    This will be a great project for me to restart making paper beads 🙂

    • Hello Liga,

      Welcome to paperbeads! I went to visit your blog, I enjoyed the eye candy you have, very nice. Janice Mae