Origami Friends For Lana

Posted on Dec 27, 2010 in Other Crafts & Crafty People | 4 comments

I spent Christmas day away from my home.  You know what that means? Away from my beads, paper beads, paper, glitter and paint, I started to experience shortness of breath, I asked my husband to drive me to Barnes and Noble quickly!  I ended up spending 4 hours browsing through books, leafing through magazines, sipping ice tea……I was in heaven.  I cannot just walk out of there without buying something, after all isn’t that the idea?  I got this book “Origami For Children” by Mario and Roshin Ono, I wanted to learn origami for my grand daughter Lana.  She loves anything paper, reminds me of someone 🙂


Lana turned 15 months old and she would rather play with envelopes, sticky notes and labels, so her new origami toys would just perfect for her to play with.  Below is a ninja knife.


I made this box from the book but there are tons of video tutorials on youtube, just search for origami box.  They are great for storing small things and beads.


I also made Mr. Turtle from a kit I got years ago.


Mr. Penguin I think would also be one of her favorite, this also came from a kit.


I will get a lot of giggles from Pacman The Munch, this is from the book.


And because, she is a girl she needs a ring 🙂


I couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when she gets all these goodies.  Her mommy will have some quiet time for at least 15 minutes 🙂



  1. These are so cute, I’m sure that little Lana will love playing with them 🙂

  2. That was so funny to read…about you having some serious symptoms of withdrawl from your paper and beads, etc!!! I am the same with a book store…is it not the absolutely most heavenly place to be??? Library is second best! These origami peices are so cute! I remember when my granddaughter was that age (she is only 2 now), she would walk around with an old envelope and a pencil and scribble on it quite seriously. She was a trip!!! They are so adorable! Hope she loves her origami’s!!!!!

  3. That’s too funny that Lana at such a young age has the same obession as you. She’s lucky to have a grandmother such as you that can teach her all kinds of paper crafts to fill her love for paper. I know she’s going to love everything you made for her Janice, they turned out so cute.

  4. Lana will love those. I never learned to do origami, but this is truly inspirational.