More Trade Beads

Posted on Nov 3, 2010 in Other Crafts & Crafty People | 5 comments

………..and last but not least, beads from Sher, Jennifer and Ashley.  I am so pleased with all the beads, they came out so beautifully!  It is amazing how everyone got so creative experimenting different shapes and paper.  Even if there is no bead soup this time I would like you to see everybody’s beads.

Ashley's paper beads

Ashley's paper beads

Sher’s beads I think is from Japanese rice paper and scrap booking paper.  I specially like the long tubular ones, they almost look like Moroccan beads.


Jennifer sent us a few big chunky beads that are so unique.  According to her they mostly come from cartons/boxes: Philly Cream Cheese, Arm and Hammer, the purple and green beads from dog and cat food, the teal color is from a friend’s Newport cigarette carton and a few Annie’s food boxes like Mac and Cheese.


All these idea sharing to  always challenge our creative side is great don’t you think?  I cannot wait to try making tube beads and big and chunky beads


  1. Hi Janice,
    Is there a way to start at day #1 and
    Thank you

  2. Hi everyone, I am like Janice, everywhere I look I find paper that can be used to make beads. I am driven! LOL. Some of my beads are from Japanese Washi paper. I LOVE that paper. And Janice you are right some are from scrapbooking paper. And some are from gift wrap paper and unique paper shopping bags from different businesses here in Hawaii. Another really great source are church bulletins. Especially if they are printed on glossy paper. And also tea bag envelopes. You have to open them up and either glue or tape them together to make them long enough but there are some really awesome tea bag envelopes out there that are worth the extra trouble.

    Have a great day!!!


  3. That big, chucky bead looks like a cardboard of some sort! That is giving me an idea for a ring!! My 20 year old daughter would love a big chunky ring like that!!!

  4. I love the food beads! I agree, very creative!