Bead Swap Creations

Posted on Apr 14, 2011 in Other Crafts & Crafty People | 5 comments

I want to share with you what Manou and Claire made with the painted beads swap, I think they are really creative and it an inspiration to me I hope you will be inspired as well 🙂


A hair accessory!  I love it!


Manou found a way with mixing all the beads beautifully in this bracelet. I just love blue and chocolate brown combined together.


The matching earrings just spells summer to me!  What can I say, brilliant minds……



  1. For my part, I painted 3 coats of water base varnish directly on the beads because I do not know dip them properly … (or it will be formed some unsightly drops and sticked on the thread when i lets them dry ! it’s probably because I don’t use the right product because I have not the “vibrance” …)

  2. Do you ladies dip your beads in Vibrance or do you prefer to paint it on? Do you find 3X is the best result? Your creations are beautiful!!!

  3. Oh my, both you Ladies did a great job. The bracelet is my favorite, but only because I don’t wear earrings very often. All of it is really nice.

  4. Wow Claire and Manou those turned out Awesome! You both have great creativity that’s for sure!…Great job!

  5. oh! Janice, thank you to share our creations with everyone! here is a little weird to see them exposed for all to see but very rewarding at the same time!
    I love the earrings from Claire! we agree with the colors!!!and i think the hair accessory has a small Asian air … very original! bravo !