A Button Ring

Posted on Jun 23, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 3 comments

This is an impromptu post, I couldn’t wait, just have to share it with you.  As I was organizing my beads preparing for the Paper Bead Trade,( by the way you can still email me or sign up, as long as it is on or before June 30th) I rediscovered my button collection.  They are very inexpensive and comes in a bag, I think I got this in one of my trips to Michael’s, one of those things that “I just gotta have” 🙂

Paper Bead Button Ring

Flowers in my back yard is an inspiration.

Paper Bead Button Ring

This ring is very simple to make, it took me a whole 30 minutes to do it and if I have time I will do a video.  I used really small paper beads.  Tip: To make really small paper beads, cut triangles that measure 1/8 of an inch at the base and 8.5 inches long, using magazine or catalog pages. The result are tiny paper beads around 4-5 mm.

A Paper Bead Button Ring

I used 24 gauge craft wire and put it through the button holes, strung the small round paper beads, twist the wire to form into a petal until you have 5 or 6 petals.

A Paper Bead Button Ring

You finished it off by twisting the two wires together and curl it into a spiral to sit in the center of the ring.

Paper Bead Button Ring

You will then hot glue gun the button into a ring blank and voila!


I have a few people signed up for the Paper Bead Trade, for those of you who already have tons of paper beads 🙂  you can mail them to me so we don’t have to be rushing.  Thank you for the nice emails, truly appreciated.


  1. Oooo this one is so cute I would love to see a tutorial on how it is made 🙂

  2. The ring is gorgeous! thank you for sharing. I’m trying to find ways to put my buttons on earrings. I’m also working on feather hoop earrings.=]

    I’m half way done with my paper beads for the bead trade 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us Janice, I Love it! I hope when things slow down for you, you can do a video on this.