Wire Rope Crochet

Posted on Oct 12, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 5 comments

Bead rope crochet is usually done with seed beads and polyester thread.  I find this type of beading easier with wire and extra small round paper beads.  They are easier to manipulate and the wire gives it form.  I used 28 gauge black craft wire and size 3 crochet hook.


This is the type of bead crochet where you string all the beads you need first, approximately 48 inches for a 6 1/2-7 size wrist.


The ruby color tear drop swarovski gives it the sparkle it needs, I just love how this turned out.


I know, it is just paper beads but it somehow reminds me of exotic Thailand, it must be the ruby colored crystal and the black wire that gives it that mysterious look.


This can definitely take you from day to evening, I think this will look pretty as a necklace also, don’t you think?  Hmmm… paired with little black dress.


We have received some beads for the trade and I will be sharing that with you in upcoming posts, have we decided what you want to make yet?  I guess it is a toss between the memory wire and beads in orbit bracelet?


  1. I Love this bracelet! On the paper bead trade, I Love Both ideas so either one is great with me.

  2. I will be mailing my beads soon; also I think we should make the beads in orbit bracelet.

  3. That’s very pretty. Sorry, but I’ve missed where to send my beads for the trade. Could you please get me that address?

  4. Love this bracelet! I vote for the memory wire bracelet for the paper bead trade.

  5. Boy, this is beautiful. The only problem I see would be with the large number of beads. 48 inches is quite a lot. I have recently been playing around with wire a bit too and this is a great project to keep in mind. You come up with the most wonderful ideas.