Winter Scene Necklace and Earrings

Posted on Feb 23, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 5 comments

I was cleaning out my desk and found an old Starbuck’s gift card with the word Winter on it.  What came to my mind was the Olympics!  It inspired me to make something out of it.  I cut it up, it was not that hard since the images were already framed, and wire wrapped blue olive shaped paper beads with it and incorporated some coordinating glass beads. 





I used a beading awl to put holes on cut up pieces, or if you have a drill you can drill holes on it instead.




I made some earrings to match too.




So, don’t just throw away your old gift cards or better yet, cut-up those high interest credit cards and make it into something.



  1. Now this was a neat idea to recycle the Starbucks gift cards… definitely creative.

  2. Not only do I really like the fact that you’re using something you’d otherwise throw away, but I like the design as well. Because it’s a-symmetric it makes it more interesting to look at! Great job!

  3. This is so cool I would never think that it was made from an old gift card!

  4. you are very inspiring =]

  5. How smart is that! Great Idea!