Wearable Paper Beads Jewelry

Posted on Oct 3, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 16 comments

I have always wondered, do you wear your paper bead jewelry?  Let me rephrase the question, are you proud enough to wear your paper bead jewelry to a party, church, family gathering, wedding?  I think paper beads has come a long way, from a favorite Sunday craft for kids to fine pieces of jewelry created as wearable art.  Are you up for a challenge? Here’s how it works:  The first 10 readers of this blog who can send me a photo of herself all spruced up wearing paper bead jewelry will receive a choice of paper bead roller kit, crystals and findings kit or 2 strands of paper beads ! Here’s is another version of Spiralling With Paper Beads which has been quite popular at etsy after it was featured in Etsy Findings blog.  I call this 1066 Paper Beads Necklace because it has one thousand six hundred sixty six tiny paper beads! And yes, I actually counted them 🙂


I must say, you need a little bit of courage to wear something paper amidst the glitter of diamonds and gold.  I paired this piece with little heart diamond earrings, it was a wedding after all.


Got tons of compliments, it was something different and extraordinary!


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  1. hello ! have you received my pictures ? this is a really good idea !

  2. Ohhh, I’d love the crystals and findings please. Do you still have my address?

  3. Janice,

    How could anyone think that paper beads are not elegant, looking at how beautiful you are in the picture!

    And paper beads are addicting. I look at junk mail in a whole new light now. It has become a bit of a joke in my family. My husband and kids are always asking if they can throw “this” or “that” out! Most of the time the answer is, “No, I can make beads out of that”!

    I’ve forwarded a picture of me wearing some of my favorite pieces. Thank you again for your inspiration!

  4. Does video count? I’m wearing paper bead earrings and a bracelet in my latest Youtube video.

    • Hi Eveline! I love your video and your beautiful accent! I have been to your art fire shop and you have beautiful pieces. To answer your question, yes of course the video counts as an entry and you just won a giveaway from me just let me know which one. Thanks. Janice

  5. Thank you very much Janice, I’m happy that I get your giveaway 😀

  6. Janice,
    Is it okay if I send my picture tomorrow? My camera was taking a long time to load so I had to stop.

    • Hi Ashley, I don’t have a time constraint on this one, just the first 10 people so you’re fine.

  7. Hi Janice Mae,
    I would if I could. I don’t know how to e-mail pictures. So, I am sorry but I have to miss out on the giveaway.

  8. Oops, I forgot. I wear my paper beads every day. I love everything about them, making them, stringing them and wearing them.

    • Hi Gisela,

      If you can email me a picture of you wearing it you win one of my giveaways 🙂

  9. Janice you look absolutely wonderfully, and the necklace goes great with your outfit 😀
    I wear my paper beads jewelry everywhere I go, and I wear it with pride 🙂

    • Thank you ladies for the wonderful comments. Sanja, I received your pictures and the paper beads look great with the black outfit! You will receive your giveaway from me as promised and I will share those photos in upcoming post.

  10. Hi Janice,
    That necklace goes great with your outfit and you look so beautiful in those pics!

  11. That’s beautiful and the wearer is beautiful too.

  12. you look very elegant and the necklace completed the outfit!