Victorian Paper Beads-Idea #9

Posted on Nov 21, 2010 in Paper To Paper Bead Ideas | 3 comments

Paper to Paper Bead Idea # 8 is Hand Made Paper.  I normally create the projects you see on my post, the night before when I consider my self most productive at 1 a.m in the morning when everything is quiet, even the cats are in their favorite sofa sleeping.  Ideally, I should have 3 months worth “drafts” ready to post at any given time, unfortunately I do not have “reserve posts”.  I do have 100 ideas running in my head, it is just a matter of executing them.  So, here’s what I did last night; I experimented on making hand made paper by just tearing up pages from an old book, and pasting them into a mesh.


It was very messy and I was not sure of the result, so I was not able to take the step by step pictures.  When I get more organized doing this I will do a tutorial.  I used the bamboo roller for this project because the paper was thicker and the bamboo roller is great for thick paper.


I made some tube ones and wrapped silver thread around it.


I mixed the garnet red glitter with Vibrance and brushed it on the paper before cutting it, of course you have to let it dry first.


Here’s some bicone shaped ones, the way I wrapped the thread on them is up and down through the hole, it makes them look like lanterns, don’t you think?  I love they way they look like Victorian beads, I was quite surprised of the outcome.  I love the randomness of paper beads, “you never know what you’re going to get” 😉



  1. I love these. How did u tie off the end?

  2. Wow Janice this is really cool!

  3. I love these!! Janice, you are amazing . . . Can’t wait for the tutorial.