Twister Earrings Giveaway – day 174

Posted on Jul 5, 2011 in 365 Paper Bead Creations | 16 comments

Cone shaped paper beads are wire wrapped to look like “twisters”!  I had fun making these earrings because they are so simple to do.


I left the bottom part with the loops for your imagination to take flight!  What would you like to hang in those loops?  I am giving away a pair for those who will leave me a comment 🙂  It will come package like you see it here.



  1. Lovely! I would hang a very tiny feather with a bicone crystal.

  2. Add one very tiny pink paper bead and that would make my day. Thank you for sharing your work.

  3. Those are so beautiful! If I win, I’ll use a couple of my Mom’s antique crystals to the end of those extraordinary earrings.

    Thank you for your amazing generosity.

  4. they are beautiful as it is!

  5. Gosh, those are lovely! I would add a tiny golden basket….imagine a hot air balloon like the one that took Dorothy home from OZ!

  6. Great idea of what to make from cone-shaped paper beads. These are so elegant…maybe a gem-like bead on the end?

  7. I love them, so pretty!

  8. I think I would add a small star charm to the end of those earrings.

  9. I love the wire wrapped around the bead. I would hang a flower on the end of the bead or a gold leaf .

  10. Keeping it simple makes the bead show best.

  11. Those look lovely as is. You don’t need to anything to them.

  12. oh ! very nice color!! I would think about a nice round fire agate to hang like a charm, or maybe a bunch of very small round paper beads like a ball charm … or still the same small paper beads arranged in a cascade at different heights on small pieces of chain to make earrings very long! or a small feather, real or in gold metal, is also very nice!
    there are many possibilities!

  13. I think a Swarovski bicone in a pink maybe with an ab finish would look great. Definitely something sparkly to draw attention to the earrings.

  14. I would hang something that sparkles, for sure! <3

  15. great idea ! I think I would hang a little charm, a flower or something like that…

  16. i think tiny golden charms on the loops will look really great! or nice crystal beads that accentuate the color of the paper beads and the golden wire. 🙂