Think Pink Paper Bead Stretch Bracelets

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and if you need to make something quick and easy to give as a present to someone whose life is somehow  touched by this disease, or just to show your “pink” side, stringing on elastic is the answer.  I am going to show how to properly string beads on elastic, not just paper beads (because this is a paper bead site I will be using paper beads:).  You can certainly string swarovskis, pearls and other beads into elastic, you just need to use the right size of elastic for each type of bead: .5mm for smaller beads like swarovskis and pearls, .8mm for heavier beads like glass and stones.  It is really quite simple.

Mommy and Me Bracelet

Mommy and Me Bracelet

Here’s another example of  stretchy bracelet, using paper beads mixed with pearls and crystals.


This one is a baby bracelet, I added the “evil eye” charm believed to protect the wearer from evil spirits.

Baby Bracelet

Baby Bracelet

The materials are:

Materials for stretchy bracelet

Materials for stretchy bracelet

  • Saucer shaped paper beads in pink
  • clear nail polish
  • elastic .5mm (about 10 inches long)
  • scissors or a nipper tool

Step 1 -Cut a 10 inch elastic and put a bead stopper on the end so your beads does not fall off.


Step 2 – String the beads into your elastic, you can follow a pattern or you can string beads at random (which can also be fun).  In this case I have a pattern as you can see here:


Step 3 – Take both ends and tie a square knot: right over left and left over right.


Step 4 – Put a dab of clear nail polish into the knot.


Step 5 – Do not cut the elastic yet, leave it to dry for about 10 minutes.


Step 6 – Cut the elastic with the cutter or scissors, leave about 1/8 of an inch.


Step 7 – Pull the knot so that it goes inside the hole of the bead that has the bigger hole.  Tip:  always put a bead with bigger hole (paper beads is perfect for this) so that it is easier to pull the knot in.


Pull the knot gently to hide inside the hole of the bead next to it. I pulled the knot inside the paper bead in my right hand, so you don’t see the knot anymore.


The petite pink paper beads, comes in strands and you will need one strand for one bracelet (they’re really small).  Available at


I have a few to share to the first 50 visitors.  Just leave me a comment on what you want to make with it.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. love the cancer bracelets. I make crochet hats for the cancer center here in our little town and now I can try and make these bracelets to give to the patients there to help lift their spirits. Thank you so much for the information and pictures. This is truely a treasure of a find. again, thank you. Connie

  2. wow thanks alot have really learnt am student and i hope i can make some bracelets and make some money

  3. Wow these arere so beautiful. I’m going to make some stretchy bracelets – I’m just starting to learn this craft. We are beginning classes at my local craft club in November. I would like to sell them & raise money for the Freshfields Animal Rescue – Aberystwyth, Wales. U.K.
    I love animals & every little bit I can donate – really helps this place. They are not too well known a charity – so I do all I can. Many bags of my old stuff go their way.
    I love your colour choice – very girly!

  4. Super cute!
    I would love to use those beads to make a necklace for my friend. She will be participating in a breast cancer walk in October. And maybe make something for my Mother-in-law in honor of her mother who died of Breast Cancer.

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Email your address and I still have two strands left of the pink paper beads. I can send them to you. I hope you’re not out of the country. Janice Mae

  5. how absolutely beautiful & what a wonderful idea. I have a friend who is running for a cancer charity & was thinking of making her a bracelet to congratulate her on her acheivement. Thankyou so much for sharing this with us.

  6. so this is a giveaway ?? it’s so kind of you to share your work, i really think i will try to do some beads and try to do some hair ornament with them…

  7. You say you have a few to share? Wow! As a breast cancer survivor, I often “think pink!”

    I’ve been looking for a craft for the winter for our elementary school girls during the Wed. night church groups. I’ve been collecting calendars because they have great color; but now I’m thinking I need to revert to magazines & catalogs because the calendar paper probably is too thick.

    Thanks for your tips and for your videos!

  8. I think it wouild make a nice Cancer awareness stretch collar for my cat.

  9. I just placed an order. I just have one question. Do you use a template for the paper cutting and if so do you have the paper templates I can use. The beading is beautiful and I am excited. Do you share beads?