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Jennifer’s Paper Beads

Posted on Jun 3, 2010 in Other Crafts & Crafty People | 2 comments

I am showcasing today Jennifer’s paper beads of paperthisandthat, she is an avid crafter and just recently discovered paper beads!  Jennifer is another Etsian, and has a shop that sells exactly paper this and that 🙂  I bought something from her shop the other day, Three Dimensional Quilling, sorry she only has one copy of this book, but I will make sure to share with you some of my creations.


I will have Jennifer tell you something about herself, in her own words:

“I have been crafting for a number of years.  I make candles and soap plus jewelry just to name a few of my venues.  I stumbled across paper crafts a year ago when I had to come up with a card in a hurry and had to make something with what I had on hand.  I started researching card making and then expanded into scrapbooking.  It was not long when I became interested in quilling and paper jewelry.   Now I found paper beads and having a blast at making them.  Now I can combine 2 great loves together…  Paper and jewelry making.  As I go further with the beads, I plan on making the paper beads and making quilled pendants to go with them.”

Here’s some of Jennifer’s creation:


What I love about making paper beads is the calming process of rolling the paper and get pleasantly surprised with the outcome.


She made the Comic Strip Ladder Bracelet out of the comic pages!  It is neat how she strung that with hemp cord, just goes so well together.


You can custom order this item from her etsy shop.  To see more of her work and ideas, you can visit her blog:


I hope we have inspired you today, turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

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