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Kumihimo Bracelets

Posted on Jul 4, 2010 in Other Crafts & Crafty People | 1 comment

Kumihimo just sounds complicated, I recently found out that it’s not.  Couple of weeks ago, I was at the San Diego Fair and happen to stop by at the San Diego Weaver’s Guild booth, check out their website it is interesting the classes and programs that they offer.  It took a whole 5 minutes for me to learn it there, my video is longer.   I made a few bracelets and even incorporated paper beads, after all this is paperbeads the blog 🙂

Kumihimo Loom


You need: craft foam 3 inches square, cut out a circle in the center of the foam and 2 slits an inch apart in all four sides, total of eight slits.  Please refer to above image for slit placements.




Here’s what I did with paper beads.

Paper Beads Used In Kumhimo


I just added different shaped paper beads at the closure on this one.


Kumihimo With Paper Beads

To add beads to the braid itself, this video tutorial I think, explains it best:


It is a really cool friendship bracelets for grown ups 😉  How about kumhimo with paper beads dangles like this one for Idea # 6Eveline has also great design ideas for paper beads hereFor those of you who have paper bead ideas in your blog or website please email me so I can put a link here.

Paper Beads Are Used in Kumihimo Braiding


These look really nice worn together, and had lots of compliments!


Paper Beads Used In Kumihimo Style Braiding

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