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How Cone Shapes Are Made

Posted on Jun 8, 2010 in How-To's / Tutorials | 6 comments

Here’s the tutorial on how to make cone shaped paper beads as promised 🙂  One might think that you cut the paper differently………it is cut exactly the same way as you would your regular triangle strip of paper.  The trick is pushing the bottom part of the paper bead towards the center, as shown in this video!  So, let’s get ready with your magazine pages, yard stick or a long straight edge wood (I used to measure with a plank of wood left over from a remodel I did in my dining room).  You can use a heavier card stock paper like this used poster for example;


I did the measurements on the back of the poster; the base is 1/2 inch and the triangles will look like this before you cut them up:


Then you cut them up into strips, you can use scissors or exacto knife


And then you start rolling as shown here:

An then you let them dry on tooth picks and take pictures 🙂


And the fun part, making them into jewelry, that would have to be another day.


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