Rings Of Saturn Bracelets – day 100

Posted on Apr 10, 2011 in 365 Paper Bead Creations | 5 comments

I love the rings around these beads and to think that these are not painted on, but the true color of the magazine.  We were lucky to get a few strands of these ringed beads and they make nice bracelets.


These are very simple to make and for accent we just added daisy spacers.


I love the magenta and chocolate together.


Wear one or two or three!


I can’t believe today is our 100th paper bead creation! 265 more to go:)


  1. I too congratulate you on all your accomplishments and inspiration you have given so many!
    I look forward to checking this site out often and soon I will do braceltes beyond the elastic string!!!

  2. Congratulation!! There is alot more that we can admire about you then just your paper bead creations. Its not easy to stick to the plans one makes and execute them. I admire your determination. All the very best for the remaining posts.

    • Hi Zoey,

      Thank you for all the encouragement! I just want to let my readers know it is greatly appreciated. Janice

  3. Happy 100th day !!! the following will be still full of surprises!
    I love the striped beads and I also think that the magenta and chocolate are great …!!! and the blue too… you always have much luck in the color of your magazines! especially for the saucers beads shaped !!!

  4. Congrats of your 100th day Janice! There is no way that I could ever do that, but you are the Queen of paper beads! I really like the paper beads rings idea! How easy are they really to make? I love the simplicity of adding the daisy spacers and also Love the Chocolate and Magenta together as well! These beads are really cool!