Red Jasper and Paper Beads

Posted on Jan 2, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 4 comments

Red Jasper Cubes, wood beads and diamond shaped paper beads in brown tones go well together in this necklace and bracelet set.  I could just have made them without the paper beads and it would still look nice, but with the paper beads it becomes unique!  Don’t you think?  The paper beads I used for this set almost look like wood beads.  I give credit to my Jo-Ann, Jun and the rest of the “paper-beaders” who made them.




You can use other semi precious stones to go with whatever color or shapes paper beads you have, but you got the idea of mixing paper beads with semi precious stones or crystals.



I used magnetic clasp for both necklace and bracelet.




The Midas Touch Earrings goes to Ann@allthingspaper,  Congratulations and thank you for playing.


  1. I love the warmth of the colors on this necklace. Very beautiful!

  2. okay i will thank you so much

  3. I was wondering how you get the beads that big and that form? is that a half and inch and how long is the triangle?

    • Hi! To make the beads round and fatter, you need to have a long triangle strip of paper round 1/2 inch wide. You glue two pages of magazine together for a longer strip. I use a yard stick to mark and measure the triangles. I should have a tutorial for this if you want to look that up under tutorial. Thank you. Janice