Paper Bead Makers in the Philippines turning out beautiful paper beads

Posted on Jun 6, 2009 in Paper Bead Creations | 5 comments

We have been working with the men and women in the Philippines in coming up with making quality paper beads made out from old magazines and catalogs. I am very impressed with the workmanship and the fact that they are not just beautiful and durable but also, that they are made in a clean environment and lightly finished with non toxic varnish. Paper bead making has become popular with women in poorer countries because they have readily available materials; glue and paper. The tool can be anything from hand made dowel to metal wire and lots of patience and time.

While it is true that paper beads can be made by anyone even children, the smaller rounder shaped paper beads require a lot of practice, dexterity and time consuming. In places like the Philippines where jobs are scarce, a country that relies mostly on overseas workers, it is a job that jobless men and housewives supplementing their income appreciate.

They came up with different size of paper beads that are just perfect for jewelry making.

Men and Women in Philippines making paper beads

Men and Women in Philippines making paper beads

Beautiful paper beads hand made from Philippines

Beautiful paper beads hand made from Philippines

More shapes and sizes can be viewed at

Strnds of 10 mm size paper beads

Strands of 10 mm size paper beads


  1. hi janice, first i want to thank you for giving an idea on how to recycle old glossy paper into a nice paper beads…
    its been a year i’m doing this endeavor and turned into accessories. its a great help for me in two aspects, primarily it gives me an additional income to the family.i was able to sell them locally and abroad.secondly, it boost my self confidence and creating new ideas how to make it more attractive and lovely…frankly speaking , i’m not using stick the one you showed in this website.. i rolled them without using any gadget at all but it still turned into refined and firmed item.your idea still provides inspiration and widen my horizon. hope we could create something good on this business. thanks again and more power… God bless!

  2. Hi Janice, i want to know if i can purchase the paper bead roller here in Manila? i want to start making paper bead accessories too. i live in quezon city by the way. i used to make bead accessories with my best friend elen, i focused more on ready made beads while ate elen focuses on paper beads. ate elen died almost 3 years ago due to kidney problem, and just recently while searching online i saw your works and i remember ate elen, i want to learn how to make different paper beads, this way i can also rekindle my memories with her.

    thank you very much.

  3. I am a retired employee from a multinational co. here in the Phils. I am a native of Lucban, Quezon. Paper beads making came into my mind when I saw my collection of glossy magazine which I don’t want to dispose. At present I am making paper beads myself based on the process I saw from the internet. I requested my sister from California to buy a Paper Bead Kit for me and she’ll be here by May 7th. I am encountering problems in making paper beads such as after applying natural nail polish and am about to get it from the toothpick, it quite hard to get it ‘coz it sticked. Can you please help me. I want to set up a small paper bead making factory in our province. Can you give me some tips on how to do it by answering my queries, Please…. How do you pay your paper bead maker? Is it by kilos of what they have done? My plan is to give materials to maker and they will just do it in their home and give me back the finished products. Are there market for paper beads? How do you make water-proof paper beads. Thank you and GOD BLESS ALL OF US!

  4. I am from the Philippines and I want to know where here in the Philippines is the paper beads factory. I want to set up a paper bead factory in our province to help my relatives. Please help. Thank you.

    • Hi Delia,

      It is in Manila. What province are you from? Tell me a little bit about yourself. Janice Mae