Peter, Peter Pumpkin Paper Bead Bracelet

Posted on Feb 8, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 3 comments

This is such a fun, whimsical bracelet.  It reminds you to be lighthearted and stay young at heart, not to take life too seriously.  I love this bracelet and had fun making it.  I collect old children books and the text that I transferred into the spacer bar holding the strands of paper beads is from one of the pages.   The spacer bar I formed into a rectangle out of paper clay, if you do not have access to paper clay you can use any kind of clay available at craft stores.  They are very light and goes well with paper beads.  I use the 7-8mm round paper beads.




It is reversible and you can use the other side without the text.



  1. is there also a tutorial on this one too

    • Hi Lana,
      This bracelet is pretty simple to make. I made the rectangle bars that you see holding the six or five strands of paper beads from paper clay or any clay for that matter will work. Then, I strung the paper beads or beads of choice to the elastic and through the holes of the rectangle bars. For the text: I just ripped that from an old children’s book and adhere with a glue and varnished it after. I hope this helps. Janice Mae

  2. Great idea! very unique