Paper Tree Pendant

Posted on Apr 1, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 1 comment

The Tree of Life Pendant is so popular among beaders and jewelry makers and it looks so complicated.  Well, I always wanted to make one with paper beads, so I searched and watched several youtube videos before I found one that I really like and I am going to share here with you.  Her name is Camille Sharon and she makes the tree of life pendants out of gem stones.  Here is my version of the tree of life pendant or what I want to call a bonsai tree, made with small round green paper beads. I just use a 16 or 18 gauge craft wire instead of the flat wire she mentioned and 26 gauge wire for wrapping the beads.



I only have the green and orange wire available but I think it came out fine with the green paper beads.


The sun came out today and so I had fun taking photos…….


Just happens to be a perfect match with what Kayla wore that day.


Have fun watching her videos, she has other good tutorials.


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  1. Wow very creative !!!! Looks great on Kayla !!!!