Paper to Paper Bead Idea #6

Posted on Nov 1, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations, Paper To Paper Bead Ideas | 6 comments

What kind of paper makes nice paper beads?  Texture, prints, text, glossiness and most specially color!  Yes, to me it’s texture and color mainly.  The battery for my flip video camera came and with it is the Instruction Guide in beautiful turquoise.  My husband said “Oh good you are reading the manual”  my daughter quipped ” she’s not, it’s paper bead potential” 🙂  I saw 8 mm turquoise beads in perfect blue color, glossy and just the right thickness.


The dimensions are: 1/4 inch at the base by 8 inches long


Rolled, Glued and Glazed


Beautiful turquoise beads !


Project Ideas;  Shaker Ring (cha-cha), baby boy id bracelet, mom to be bracelet……..


  1. hi! is there any substitute for glaze? i am trying to make paperbeads but i think it’ll be destroyed when washed off or wet.

  2. Beautiful shine! Do you always dip your beads in Vibrance or do you sometimes just paint the Vibrance on? If you paint it on do you also put some down the hole?

    • Hi Cathy, the turquoise beads, I put them in toothpicks like you see on the picture and dipped them like that. If you want to paint the inside of the hole of the bead, use very thin brush but if you string them on fishing cord or on toothpicks inside will be coated as well. I think what you are trying to do is do so many at the same time and that can be tiring. Good luck! Janice

  3. I LOVE that colour and really, who needs an instruction manual?
    Also, my parcel of goodies from your Etsy store arrived safely here in Australia and I’m having lots of fun – as are my children!! They claimed one of the bamboo rollers for themselves!

    • Hi Belinda,

      I love the black and white bracelet you made, funny how black beads from Guess bag is my next paper to paper bead idea! Janice

  4. Love it!