Paper To Paper Bead Idea #5

Posted on Oct 28, 2010 in Paper To Paper Bead Ideas | 8 comments

When you see me looking at a poster, most likely I am admiring the colors and texture of the paper.  There is always something going on in down town Glendora and we get fliers and posters of all sorts and this is one of them.  It’s so funny how Kayla and I gets excited about posters, junk mail and fliers.  Well, here’s why…….


Kayla got to work cutting them up in different size strips.


I love how they turned out, beautiful colors of merlot.


Paper Bead Trade Update: We are preparing the beads and the kits, hopefully to be mailed out on or before Saturday.  Unfortunately we cannot show you the bead soup mix because of our experience from last time where it was difficult to apportion the beads to everyone.


  1. I actually have a poster from an event my husband’s work put on. I will be recycling it by making paper beads out of it, making a necklace, then donating the necklace to next year’s event for their silent auction. Feedback?

    • What a neat idea! We would love to see the finished necklace.

  2. I too have the same obsession with looking at everything as a potential for a paper bead now since I’ve discovered Janice’s blog. I agree with you Gisela, that “no paper is safe from a dedicated paper beader”. Lol. Kayla, you did a great job on those beads!

  3. Lynn, I feel your pain… My husband’s first response is “Can I please look at it first??”lol

  4. I think that poster is absolutely perfect for beads! I wish Oregon had more brochures. 🙂

  5. I received a holiday (vacation) brochure in the mail today. I was so excited as it was filled with colourful pages to make into beads but hubby insists on actually looking at it first with a view to making a booking – what’s that about? lol

  6. This is funny. I think no paper is safe from a dedicated paper beader. I have made beads out of Trader Joe’s bags (a heavy tan and red paper) and their dark chocolate wrappers (beautiful black with tiny accents of red, white and gold). Kayla did a great job on those beads. Very pretty!

  7. Janice that is SOOOO funnny!!! As you know I live in Kaneohe, Hawaii so I am surrounded by tourists and tourist type activities. Since I live on a island it isn’t unusual for be to be in or near Waikiki. There are pamphlets and mini newsletters EVERYWHERE. But that aside I look at everything to as potential beads and now I am doing Zentangles (thanks by the way. Just what I needed. Another obsessions. LOL) so everywhere I look I see potential Zentangles. The same thing happened when I was a demonstrator for Stampin’ Up! They have names for all of their colors so everywhere I went I saw YOYO YELLOW or ALWAYS ARTICHOKE. It is hysterical. Do you think this might be a sickness. Are we all OCD lolololol.

    By the way what is the address that I send the beads to? I will mail today if I get it in time.


    p.s. my daughter was back in the hospital overnite but has gone home and if feeling MUCH better. Now if I can just get my stress level under control 🙂