Paper to Paper Bead Idea #3

Posted on Oct 21, 2010 in Paper To Paper Bead Ideas | 12 comments

I have a collection of paper of all kinds because I hate throwing anything out thinking I will be able to recycle them and give it new life.  With this in mind, my Paper to Paper Bead Idea # 3 is freezer paper.  You come home from the deli one day and you find that cheeses and meat is wrapped in freezer paper.  It has such a nice texture to it, not too thick and not too thin.  I thought they’re great for painted paper beads, you can use whatever left over nail polish you have which is what I did for this project.

freezer paper cut into triangle strips

freezer paper cut into triangle strips

I cut the triangle strips 1/2 inch wide at the base and 22 inches long, of course you can cut it longer or wider at the base for a different look.  I then, applied nail polish in green.


Dip it in glitter


Voila!  Pair of blingy earrings 🙂


I think they will look like pearls if you were to make it a little rounder and painted with frosted white nail polish.


Any ideas you want to share?



  1. i would love to see that in PLUM… Where did you get the finding?
    You are amazingly creative… Hmm I have a roll of that stuff in my kitchen!!
    Did you ever try parchment paper? I wonder with the silicone if the glue would stick?
    I have another question too.
    If i want to get a metal effect do i just ink the edge of the paper or do i have to color the whole paper in metal like silver?
    thanks for the tutorials., they are amazing…
    Oh and I love this site!! I just found you today!

    • Hello Grace,

      I have a shop and I carry these findings I will be listing this on my etsy shop, you can take a look there too. I have not tried parchment paper yet, if you do try them and it does not stick with regular glue there are super tacky glue you can buy at a craft shop and that should do the work. And to answer your last question, I think you will have an interesting effect if you just ink the edge of the paper that is actually a neat idea! Janice Mae

  2. My daughter would absolutely love these…actually so would my DIL! What a beautiful pair of earrings!!! Just so pretty!!! Great idea…I may have to learn how to do the chandelier part…

  3. WONDERFUL!! 😀

  4. Did you glue this all over before applying nail varnish? I do this to all my beads but it takes a log time – especially with the tiny ones!

    • Hi Lynn,

      You don’t need to apply glue all over just the tip of the triangle.

  5. wow, those earrings are gorgeous! i’d love to make mine but i can’t find glaze in phils.. any substitute? i’m a newbie in paper bead making. thanks!

  6. If I glazed it with Vibrance three times, do you think the glitter would become waterproof?

    • Hi Ashley,

      I dipped it in Vibrance once just to kind of hold the glitter in place. It should be okay if it gets occasionally wet.

  7. Those are gorgeous! Did you glaze after applying the glitter?

    • Hi Lynn,

      Yes I did dip it in glaze but not necessary if you are wearing them as earrings. The glitter stayed put.

  8. in-cre-di-ble !! i LOOOOOVE those earrings ! they’re wonderful ! that’s exactly what I would love to wear !
    Janice you’re a genius !