Paper Play Sunday

Posted on Jul 26, 2010 in How-To's / Tutorials | 3 comments

I had a most relaxing, fun-filled Sunday playing with paper.  I am sharing this with you so you can try it, and see for yourself how much fun it is!  I had so much left over craft paint from previous projects and just have to use them before they harden up and then I would not be able to use them anymore.  What I had in mind is just to put layers of paint on a piece of paper, magazine cover, brown paper bag whatever kind of paper that you want to re cycle and make them into paper beads.

First, I picked out a paper bag from an ice cream place, a friend visiting brought ice cream cake in this bag:

Paper Play

And no, I did not eat all the ice cream by myself although I am totally capable of doing that, in case you’re wondering it was butter pecan 🙂

Second, prepare your work space by covering it with old newspaper and tape it down so it does not move around as you work.

Paper Play Sunday

Reminder:  Do not discard the paper, save it for next time.  The more paint gets to it, the nicer it will look and can be used for other projects someday.

Third, gather your paint, glitters if you have some, stencils or stamps, tissue paper or paper towel (which is what I used), brushes and sponges.

Paper Play Sunday

Then let the fun begin……

Procedure (in a nutshell): cut the paper bag open and lay it on your table, paint it white or gesso if you have, brush watered down glue on the area you want the separated paper towel (or tissue) to go in,  paint it with layers of different colors (on top would be your dominant color), stencil or stamp with design if you like, paint glitter paint if that is the effect you like on your paper.

Voila! This will make nice scrap book pages or journal pages

Paper Play Sunday

I used these paint on it and stencil on the bottom part, I was too lazy to do it all over but I guess it came out better this way.

Paper Play

The ice cream bag was big enough, the small part of it that the paper towel did not cover, I painted it a different color, beige/pinkish tone.


This is about 36 inches (length of the ice cream bag cut open), and cut out three strip of triangles and made it into paper beads!


I imagine a brown paper bag would turn out just as nice.  So go ahead, play……….paint………have fun……



  1. Hi
    I have a question about gluing
    the ends of all sizes of paper
    beads. I have tried glue sticks,
    tacky glue, mod podge, and E-6000.
    I have to hold the ends for a while, also
    When I dip them in the Vibrance the ends
    Come undone.
    Thsnk you

    • Hi Patti,

      Tacky glue, mod podge or diamond glaze would be a good one to use. Some of them do come undone when dipping them. I would just brush them on or dip them individually in tooth pick for stubborn ones, or just apply the tacky glue for those that are undone. You don’t have to use the E-600 for this project. I hope this helps. Janice

  2. The stencils are a great idea! thanks for sharing. I’m gonna start using up all my magazines, since I have so many of them. I want to try it again, since all I’ve been doing is just using scrap booking paper.