Paper Peapods Pendants

Posted on Dec 12, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 8 comments

I love the new shapes of paper pea pods, I still marvel at the idea that they are shaped to look like a cocoon and can actually hold little treasures or mementos.  It can be many things; a prayer box or pod, a good luck horn, a wishing pod, how about a worry pod – you can write your little prayers, wishes and worries on a little piece of paper and tuck it in there.  I think it is a great gift idea, don’t you think?


I made this pendant for my son, to wish him good luck and wrote some encouragement on a piece of paper.  He likes whimsical characters so included a dragon charm.  The evil eye is to ward off bad spirits.


The smaller pea pods are great as pendants, the bigger one can be a car charm hanger.


Possibilities are endless……



  1. They remind me of prayer pendents.

    You write on a small piece of paper who you say prayers for and then put them in the pea pod.

    What a great present that would make someone!

  2. this shape is so marvelous ! I love the idea of a prayer box like a cocoon and this colour is so perfect for that !
    I ‘ll be try to do someone like this but i don’t know if i can !
    Bisous, Manou

  3. These look like you’ve combined paper beading with quillery. Very nice.

  4. Those are so cool!

  5. These are awesome Janice!

  6. They are so neat!!! I think they would look so cute hanging on a small x-mas tree, with little treats in them!

  7. This is great and awesome! I like it very much! 🙂

  8. they’re extraordinary!! they are great for gifts this Christmas coz i can write my wishes for my love ones inside. Shud be perfect for birthdays too