Paper Gems Collectibles

Posted on Dec 7, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 10 comments

I am launching Kolek’ems today!  What are they?  They are paper gems bracelets.  I likened them to a gem because just like a gem these paper bead bracelets are precious and something to treasure and keep.  Each one of them are hand cut, hand rolled and hand varnished to a glossy finished that makes them water resistant.  Not only are they so well made, the colors are as vibrant as the magazine pages that they came from.


In-between paper beads are little coordinating seed beads, you don’t need anything more the beautiful pattern of the paper speaks for itself!


What a great way to show your “green” side, This would be pretty by itself or mix with your other jewelry.


The colors are just beautiful and vibrant!


Want to make a statement?  Stack them up 🙂


More, Kolek’ems to come.


  1. These are so cool seems like something that would be really popular with teens, I love the bright colors that they come in 🙂

  2. I really love them stacked.

  3. What a nice bracelet! I love the colors especially the blue and black one.

  4. So sorry …after I reread your description you stated you hand varnished them so I’m guessing that means one at a time with Vibrance.

  5. Do you dip them on fishing line into Vibrance or paint them one at a time with Vibrance and coat them twice?
    What a shine and smoothness.

  6. Such vibrant beautiful colors! They really make a statement. Love it!

  7. i agree with you kathy. simple and BEAUTIFUL!! you can wear them anywhere, anytime. casual and pretty.

  8. These are great. The simplicity of the designs really shows off the beautiful colors of the beads.

  9. i super love the colors! beautiful.

  10. beautiful colors! My daughter would love these!