Paper Beads, Seed Beads and Bugle Beads

Posted on Dec 6, 2009 in Paper Bead Creations | 4 comments

As we are getting ready for an upcoming online shop for paper beads jewelry, I try to make one piece everyday, hopefully enough to fill up the shop with nice jewelry pieces.  So, here is just another version of the 60-inch necklace, which can convert to a choker, bracelet, lariat, belt and anklet.  For those of you DIYer, here is what you need to make one!

Three different size of paper beads for this project I use, olive shaped paper beads, bigger olive shaped paper beads and small round paper beads. Or, you can make your own with the bamboo paper bead roller or the metal paper bead roller.


Some leftover, seed beads and bugle beads of coordinating colors and .7mm elastic cord (for heavier beads use .8mm elastic).


You can come up with a pattern of just string them at random.  I made two 60 inch necklace because it is pretty layered up.


As an anklet.


It’s pretty as a choker


or as a lariat.


I looove wearing this as a bangle


I hope this have inspired you to make one.


  1. they look amazing, and so versatile! i haven’t done any bead work for ages, but i used to do a lot! here from sits

  2. Hello, Paper
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    All you need to do is send in a pic of your paper bead jewellery (:
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  3. I need to make many, many more beads before I can make a long necklace come anklet come bracelet like this, but I’m going to give it a try. Maybe even before Christmas, who knows. 😉 LOVE the long necklace that’s tied at the bottom and the bracelet.