Paper Beads Out Of Zentangles

Posted on Jun 14, 2010 in How-To's / Tutorials | 9 comments

This is a follow-up on yesterday’s post on zentangles.  It is another way to make paper beads, this time not the usual magazine pages but from a doodled page.  First, I doodled on a long bond paper, this would come out different if you will use a heavier paper like construction paper.  Then, I cut them up into strips and rolled them into paper beads using the metal paper bead roller.


The measurement for the triangles is 1/2 inch at the base and 14 inches long, the size of a long bond paper.


Here’s the video……

They look like spotted eggs, don’t you think?


I think this can be made into a guys necklace with black beads.


Perfect jewelry to go with the black and white outfit!


And the fun part, is turning it into wearable art 🙂  Another day of turning the ordinary to extraordinary.


  1. That looks lovely! You’ve got some great ideas here! I’ve linked back to your site on a post i made on paper beads 🙂

  2. I will be visiting my grandchildren and plan to have them doodle on paper and then make a necklace for their mommy!

  3. hi! these paper beads are very nice! am just curious, what happens when they get wet? thanks!

    • Hi Dionne,

      The paper beads when they are coated several times with glue and varnish (whatever type of varnish that you use) becomes water resistant. I would suggest to take it off when washing dishes or going in the pool 🙂 Thank you for visiting. Janice Mae

  4. Thank you for an inspiring tutorial. Since I discovered paper beads at a craft market in Cornwall I’ve been eager to give them a go myself. I love the idea of doodled paper as a start ^_^

    • Hi Shell,

      Thank you for visiting, I love your blog as well, you are so artistic and so many things to see and learn. Janice Mae

  5. Found your site via Infarrantly Creative! Thanks so much for this great tutorial! Can’t wait to try it out myself 🙂

  6. i’ve been doing paper bead accessories but never tried this one… now i have something new to try out….

  7. When I saw this post it inspired me to try my own. I cant wait to try it out.