Paper Beads Ladder Bracelet With Wire

Posted on Jan 29, 2010 in How-To's / Tutorials | 3 comments

I had a tutorial on the ladder bracelet using wire and showed the how to steps with pictures.  I want to make it easier and this time did a video, I learned a lot by watching other people’s video.  This style is great for the one inch tube paper beads or 3/4 inch paper beads you have.  It displays your nice beads well on your wrist.





  1. That looks great. I can never get my ladder stitches to come out that even. Maybe I’ll try again.

    • Hi Melissa, You want to makes sure the bead tubes are of the same length. If not, don’t worry about it, all they see is your beautiful paper beads, nobody is going to fault you for it, the irregularity of your beads is what makes it beautiful 🙂

  2. Great color! What did you use here? Magazine? With the dark color bands, the beads take on the techy look of electronic resistors.