Paper Beads For Japanese Girl

Posted on Nov 2, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 1 comment

I just fell in love with this little Japanese Girl Pendant my daughter picked up for me from Forever 21.  I know they have cute stuff, I was not quite sure they have jewelry that will appeal to me.  She said it reminded her of me ( I must have looked like this at one point in my life 🙂    It is I think painted on ceramic and hangs on a silver color chain.


I named the little Japanese Girl Bochi, my pet name for my baby grand daughter Lana (I hope it does not translate to anything bad)!  I love this little necklace but it looks like it needs something.  The chain looks so bare and boring begging to be decorated.  Since I’m adding a new category to this blog Ordinary To Extraordinary, little Bochi will be the first project to go in that category.  Here are my two choices:  Double sided patterned paper (my Idea # 8)


And, Rice bag! (Idea # 7).  I was so excited when I found this bag sitting on the shelf of my pantry.  I did not remember buying it.  Organic brown rice?  It turned out that my daughter Lyra has gone organic on me 🙂  I don’t mind as long as they come in pretty bags like this.


So, I will get busy today cutting them up and rolling them into beads and then we will see which one will be a match for Little Bochi necklace.

Upcoming Posts:  Poster Paper Bracelet, Turquoise Jewelry, Guess Black Paper Bag.

Paper Bead Trade Update:  The necklace kits for the Fall Trade has been mailed.  Yay!

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  1. Too Cute! Can’t wait to see the beads!