Paper Bead Trade

Posted on Jun 20, 2010 in Events and Experiences | 11 comments

Over the past few months I have been blessed to meet so many nice ladies who like me, enjoy more like obsessed making paper beads:)  It is habit forming of the good kind.  Wouldn’t it be nice to see and feel other people’s work?  I thought of this while trying to organize my mess at home.  I could be a good candidate for that show “Hoarders” if I don’t do something about it 🙂  And so the idea of trading paper beads with you guys was born, and it would be a nice way to get rid of some of my beads, findings which can be put to good use made into something with paper beads.  Here’s a peek into my clutter;


Above, is an area in my bedroom where I have suitcases full of beads, ribbons, paper, you name it I probably have it.  I have stuff all over the floor as well, I am one of those that have to visually see the everything, I guess organization is not for me.  Just to prove that I am not one of those who cannot part with their things, I am sharing it with you 🙂

Paper Bead Trade

Katherine who is also a “collector” like me offered to share some of her beads as well.  Eveline also has neat ideas.  So,  next  day I will be posting on how we are going to do this and I appreciate any input from you.  You can leave me a comment or if you’re shy, just email me, I am like that sometimes when I visit other blogs.

Anyway, here’s more of the mess I have all over my house.  This is downstairs in the family room.


You should have seen our formal dining room table, this is one reason why I don’t entertain, aside from being an introvert, I don’t have space for people to sit and eat!  The good side of it is, I am a happy camper and I don’t need to spend money on therapy.   Kidding aside, I need to clean up, this is why I am posting this for everyone to see 🙂



Let me know, by leaving me a comment here or email me, for those of you who already have emailed me I just need your addresses.   We need at least 16 participants.  Tomorrow we will get into the details on how we are going to do this.  I don’t want you to be intimidated by this, we are going to be doing something really simple, I promise 🙂


  1. SISTER!!?
    Where have you been…? That is so totally my house, my reasons for not entertaining and my half of office has spilled onto the hall table, and ironing board often. Love your beads and will be looking for info on how to join in.

    • Hi Gina,

      Today is the last day to sign up. You can email me int the Contact Us Link on the sidebar for confirmation with your mailing address. We would like to have you:) Janice Mae

  2. I’m definitely in! I can’t wait. =]

  3. If you still need participants for the “Paper Bead Trade, then I would like to participate.


    • Karina,

      You’re in. We still have room…..Janice Mae

  4. I’m in! Sounds like fun!

  5. I’m definitely in! I can’t wait. =]

  6. Count me in!

  7. Is it OK if I link this on my blog to see if we can get more people interested? I’m so looking forward to this!

    • Hi Eveline,

      Yes of course you can link it up your blog. Thank you. More details next post. Janice

  8. exciting! i want some of your clutter in my room!!!