Paper Bead Template Kit

Posted on Aug 1, 2011 in Events and Experiences, My Paper Beads | 2 comments

Hello everyone!  I would want to start off by saying, I am so sorry for disappearing for days, things just got too hectic in a good way.  I have continued to create, create for the 365 day challenge, just don’t have the time to post them so please be patient.  I will be back on JTV August 4th so I hope you will join me together with energetic host Kim and JTV in house designer Margot Potter.  The new paper bead template kit will debut on jtv and I am excited to share this with you, we will have fun with the new template kit I’m sure.


The Paper Bead Mix Kit will also debut on JTV, included in this kit are most of our popular shapes; saucers, cones, round, tubes and diamond shape, a total of 260 beads!  Imagine the jewelry you can make with this!


I am excited and happy to be sharing this good news!


  1. So glad you are back. I’m very proud of you. You are such an inspiration. The kit looks great.

  2. hello janice !!
    i’m so happy to read you !
    I see that all is well for you! I am very happy! I also welcome your new member : Karoleen Mito (I forgot to do in my previous post!)
    I wish you good success in your new project …what is this new template kit paper beads? about your Paper Bead Mix Kit is a good idea ! all colors of these paper beads seems so beautifull !
    I’m just sorry to not be able to watch JTV on August 4 because I do not have that channel to France!
    but I hope i read you soon …