Paper Bead Flowers

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These flowers are so pretty yet so simple to make.  You can glue it onto a ring finding or hair clip or as an embellishment for a scrapbook or card.  It uses the regular paper bead tube, the size of the flower will be determined by how long the paper bead tube is.

Paper bead flowers

Paper bead flowers

As you can see in this flower I used a pearl for the center part but it can be just the coiled wire like above example or crystals.img-142

The materials and tools needed for this project are the following:

Materials and tools for the paper bead flower

Materials and tools for the paper bead flower

  • paper bead tubes
  • 26 gauge wire gold or silver
  • chain nose pliers, round nose pliers and flush cutter
  • glass pearls or crystals

Step 1 – cut about 30-36 inches of 26 gauge wire and put in one bead leaving about 6 inch tail.  The long end will be your working wire.img-24

Step 2 – Pull the wire down the back side of the bead until it meets with the tail of the wire at the bottom hole of the bead and wrap it around once.


Step 3 – Pick up your second bead and put it through the same way, pull the wire down and wrap once at the base of the bead, bring it back up ready for your third bead.



Step 4 – Bring the wire back up and insert your third bead and repeat the same procedure, wrapping the wire at the base of the bead.



Step 5 – Put your fourth bead in and repeat the same procedure.


Step 6 – Continue until you have about 8 petals – although it all depends how fat your bead is, it can be 6 or 7 petals, in this flower I used 8 beads.


Step 7 – Take both wire ends together and twist them.


Here’s how to twist them together two or three times.


Step 8 –  Take the longer wire (working wire) back up and insert your pearl or bead.



Step 9 – Take the wire back down behind a bead and back up and down again in each bead to secure the pearl.



Step 10- After going around each bead securing the pearl, the two wire will meet up again in the back.  You twist them together and cut it down to about  1 1/4 inch.


Step 11 – Take your round nose pliers and take the twisted wire and curl it around the round nose pliers until it lays flat at the center bottom of the flower motif.



Now, you’re finished.


Please let me know if the instructions have been helpful.  For more examples of paper bead flowers, I have them on my etsy shop.


  1. These would be pretty in silver or gold to hang on a small Christmas tree! Thanks, I think ill try this out!

  2. yes very helpful thanks for the tutorial