Paper Bead Bangle – day 182

Posted on Jul 12, 2011 in 365 Paper Bead Creations | 3 comments

I make one or two things each day and when I am in that “create, create, create” mood, 5 pieces or more.  Paper bead jewelry ideas are endless!  The Paper Bead Bangle is my favorite, it is something that I can just grab and go and it completes my out fit.  It is easy to put on because of the magnetic clasp and for those of you who worries that it may fall off I attached a safety chain:)DSCN9194blog1

I used 22 gauge wire to string the paper beads and wrapped the wire once in between beads and around each bead.  I have tutorial on how to make this, please look under tutorial if you are interested in how to make one.



  1. I can’t find the tutorial either….

  2. I can’t find the How to tutorial on how to make this? I clicked on How -To Tutorials but now what? I found the Paper Bead Bangle – day 182 but it just said how…not showed how. Sorry for this simple question.

  3. this bracelet is really fun! but silver wire wrapping is so elegant ! it must be easy to wear for all occasions …