Pandora-ish Paper Beads- day10

Posted on Jan 10, 2011 in Paper Bead Creations | 4 comments

Part of treasured Christmas presents that I have received this year was from Gisela, so soft pashmina  shawl and on it were three big hole paper beads on a safety pin.  One of our new beads in the upcoming CHA show are big hole paper beads kind of like pandora beads only PAPER!  Kayla insisted that we make it into something, even with just the three beads.  We love challenge, what’s life without it 🙂


Kayla did not hesitate in wearing the shawl, it was freezing outside that day, not good for taking pictures.


Here is a closer look.  The holes were big enough to accommodate two suede cords and in between are silver ring findings.


So, go ahead and try making big hole paper beads they are just as nice.



  1. I love this idea of Pandoraish paper beads! So nice of Gisela to send you the beautiful pashmina! Hmmmmm. Is their a new paper bead roller your about to come out with Janice to make these type of beads?

  2. Now that’s what I’m talkin about!!! I have made a few large holed beads and want to make more and you guys are just so inspiring!!! Thanks!

  3. the simplicity of this bracelet is so nice with only three beads and your challenge is successful !! the colors are well matched !
    bisous, Manou.

  4. Oh my, I can’t believe this. This is wonderful. Those were only three beads and look what you did with it. The color of the cords bring out the paper bead colors really nicely. You guys are just great. The shawl looks really nice on Kayla too. Thanks!