My Paper Beads – by Christine

Posted on Jul 22, 2010 in My Paper Beads | 7 comments

Catherine got her kit today and made a necklace and earrings!  She said in her email to me that she has very little experience at jewelry making, but I think she did a marvelous job.  Every one of you got one or two of the saucer shaped bead, and she made that to be the pendant.

Catherine's Creation

Catherine's Creation

I wish we had more photos, but Catherine’s camera was not cooperating…..  you could still see and recognize some of the beads she used here.

Catherine's Hand Knotted Paper Beads

Catherine's Hand Knotted Paper Beads

As promised, I am sending a strand or an assortment of unique paper beads for the first 10 who can share with us a finished jewelry.

Keep creating…….paint a page, roll a paper bead, collage, write a journal……..whatever it is keep those creative juices flowing.


  1. Hi Janice! I just wanted you to know I received the “bonus” beads in the mail and I love them. Thank you so much! They are so nice. I can’t wait to make something out of them.

  2. my name is emmy from usa. i love your work. especially the beautiful saucer at the bottom of your necklace. it doesnt even look like paper, it looks like a stone medalion so beautiful. i am new to paper beads and i am inspired by your work. hugs kisses emmy

  3. Thanks everyone! Oh my name is Christine not Catherine so I don’t want everyone getting confused. The necklace isn’t really as delicate as it looks. I used number 10 crochet thread. I love using string because I am really allergic to metals other than 14k gold. I love the earthy look to it and I really love the green tubes (well I love all the beads but I never thought to wrap a bead around a bead}. Thanks everyone who’s beads I used. I have more to make and ALL the beads are beautiful!

    • Hi Christine,

      My apologies, it must have been really late at night when I did that post 🙂 I love that idea of using crochet thread it will also make it lay flat. Thank you calling my attention to my mistake…….Janice

  4. Wow the necklace is really nice, I like how you used the big paper bead as a pendant. =]

  5. Great Job Catherine!

  6. Hello Catherine
    The necklace you made is verry nice. It looks so fragile. And I’m proud of course, because I recognize the green tubes that I made. It’s a good feeling to know that you wear them now.