Manou’s Matryoshkas

Posted on Aug 10, 2011 in My Paper Beads | 9 comments

I would like to share with you, Manou’s  paper bead Matryoshkas.  I first saw these when we had the painted paper bead swap.  Manou painstakingly painted each one of them and they are just super cute, don’t you think?


I think she first made cone beads with a wide base and painted each one to look like Matryoshka doll.  Manou visits me regularly so you can ask her questions here about these cute paper bead creations.


Here’s the challenge:  How would you incorporate these cute paper bead dolls into your design?  I need your comments, inputs and ideas!  What I consider the best design idea will win a set (2) Matryoshka Paper Bead Dolls.



  1. Wow!
    I think these would be so pretty on a big decorative safety pin. That way you could see the faces on them. Put some wire in them so they can be
    Attached to pin, then line them up. It would make a great brooch.
    They are beautiful.
    I am just learning about paper beads. I hope one day to be able to do something as beautiful as these.

  2. Wow Manou these are gorgeous! I love paper beads and I love Matryochka – beautiful! bx

  3. fantastic! i really would want to have one,just one. . . for a pendant!

  4. Hello everyone! wow Manou these are very beaautiful,you are obviously very talented and i love these doll like beads youve made,for me first off id rehabilitate my grand daughters mobile above her cradle and stimulate her young mind with all the colours and beauty gently moving around above her, secondly,and being new to jewelry making,id go with a bold funky chunky choker and/or bracelet and really make a statement with them..sincerely Diane (nz)

  5. I love those beads! They are so adorable and cute! If I could only paint that well! I would make some cute dangly earrings out of them, adding a little crystal on top and I’d probably have to hide them from my daughter, I’m sure she’d love to wear them too.

  6. Those are adorable. I can’t believe the detail. Nice work, Manou.

  7. in fact, my matriochkas are made from the shape of cones! I’m glad you like it! ( as Janice said, If you have any questions,I will try to answer …)
    For my part, (although I’m not going to participate in this challenge, of course) I’ll see some of these matriochkas such as key chains or pendant jewelry bag! with some gems and some pretty paper beads or charms to accompany …

  8. Wow Manou I can’t believe how talented you are! Those are fantastic! I don’t know how big those Matryoshka paper beads are but I would use one as a focal point on a necklace like a pendant, with of course some paper beads and maybe a few gem stones thrown into the mix…

  9. i think of a bracelet made from a chain, with matrioshka paper beads dangling like charms…simple but pretty and you could see well those cuties !