Making paper bead jewelry tips

Posted on Mar 24, 2009 in How-To's / Tutorials | 5 comments

It is fascinating to watch a pattern unfold as you are rolling the strip of paper into a bead – I think this is what makes this craft so appealing to those who are looking for a hobby and those who actually make a living out of making paper beads.  It is not just for kids anymore, the many things you can do with paper beads – the possibilities are endless!  We hope to walk you through the process of making them yourself!

1. Paper beads have larger holes than most beads; spacer beads would be good between paper beads.

2. Mix paper beads with other inexpensive beads such as seed beads, druk beads and fire polished beads.

3. For stringing materials the following can be used; hemp, cotton thread, silk thread, leather or any type of yarn that will go through the hole.

4. Paper beads are good for triple stand or more because they are very light.

How to make paper bead jewelry

Triple strand paper bead jewelry


  1. Hi Jenice Mae again i trouble to tell you that if you make jewellery of the paper beads which type of the players just tell me please. Thank you. divya patel.

  2. Hi Jenicr Mae I am very fan yours i am watching yr video but its confussing how long to glue the paper beads & how much means coat of the glazing.please response me or let me known. thanks very much if u answer me my questions. divya patel.

  3. Hi,Do you have a tutorial on how to put the fastenings at the back. Using wire or thread, or the other beading cords. I am not a jewelry maker so I’m in the dark here. After stringing on the beads then how do you finish off. I don’ want to use elastic thread.I went through all the tutorials and cannot find any explaining the ending. Please help.

  4. Hi. Do you need the roller to make other paper bead sizes? I just use a plain needle, will that work?

    • Hi Emily,

      You don’t need the roller to make other sizes, it just makes it easy on the hands with the bamboo handle and the metal part is coated. The size of your paper bead would depend on the length and width of your cut triangles. Thanks for visiting. Janice Mae