Like Chocolate Pearls-day 29

Posted on Jan 29, 2011 in Paper Bead Creations | 3 comments

One of my my finds at a thrift store is a strand of seed beads.  They are so smooth and in different odd shapes that resembles like real pearls.  I am always admiring chocolate pearls in magazines and I thought if painted in something bronzy would mimic the look of chocolate pearls.



Mixed with painted saucer shaped paper beads and copper daisy spacers.


No one would argue with me if I tell them they’re chocolate pearls 🙂


Wouldn’t it be nice if you can just wear a new piece of jewelry every single day to match with your outfit?  I dream of a big cabinet that would organize all my paper bead jewelry, right now they are in ziplock bags with labels on them.


Hello paper bead fanatics 🙂  Today is our first day at the C.H.A., and met so many paper bead enthusiasts, who are amazed that everything we have in our booth is made of paper!  I am tired but happy, and not too tired to post a blog specially I know a few of you is checking what I made for today.  To be honest, I made pieces a week in advance to prepare for the show, but has not made anything yet for Monday!  We’ll see….. I always come up with something.

from the C.H.A. : Kayla and I enjoying a quiet moment, on display is our new product, painted paper beads!



  1. This turned out great Janice! So glad that everyone is enjoying your paper beads. I never of heard of paper beads until I stumbled upon your blog! Thanks so much for all your instruction and information that you and Kayla have given me to enjoy this craft! Thanks for the update on the CHA show too.

  2. Hi, Janice !
    I am very happy that you had great success with paper beads in your booth!
    and these chocolate colored pearls are very realistic! What kind of paint do you use to achieve this effect? they are so pretty !
    I hope you and kayla will be able to relax a bit now…
    Bisous, Manou.

  3. I love the chocolate pearls. I am so glad that the beads are a big success. I don’t understand how somebody could not love paper beads, but I suppose there are some people like that. I bet you are tired. I go to the Gem show in Santa Barbara often and all the people milling around and the artificial light are very draining. Anyway, I love the booth and wish you continued success.