Like Blue Caterpillar

Posted on Sep 19, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 4 comments

The round blue paper beads that almost look like blue marbles are strung with opalescent 11/0 seed beads attached to a three loop finding.  When I open it and lay it flat it reminds me of a blue caterpillar which I think can only be found on children books.


These chunky round beads are about 14 mm in size.


It is a very simple ladder stitch, as you can see the strand of white seed beads are woven through the blue beads.


For a simpler design, you could just string it on elastic with silver spacers in between.



  1. They do look like little blue marbles. I like that style.

  2. I really like that design. Turned out beautiful.

  3. Beautiful bracelet. How did you make the chunky round beads?

  4. This is so exquisite.