Knotted Paper Beads Necklace

Posted on Apr 13, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 2 comments

The strips of paper that Filipino Women painstakingly rolled into beautiful paper beads come in beautiful vibrant colors and I am always pleasantly surprised when I open my packages from them.  Isn’t it neat that you don’t know what you get each time?  Kind of reminds me of Tom Hanks movie only with paper beads ” Life is like a strand of paper beads, you don’t know what you’re going to get ” 🙂  Look how pretty these are:


I picked out these purple ones and put knots in between the beads, just like knotting pearls, using a thicker silk chord.


This short necklace, meant to be worn high up on the neck and can be doubled up to be worn as a bracelet.


If you have question on “how-to” leave me a comment here, I read all your comments.  Thank you for stopping by.


I received a shipment of paper beads from Philippines yesterday 250 lbs!  I slept late last night and was not able to post yesterday.  I have to inspect each strand one by one!  I had fun really looking at each one of them.  Probably the next few days I will be sharing with you the unique colors that I will find.


  1. Really beautiful! I’ve developed an obsession with paper beads lately. You’ve got a great blog – knowledgeable and fun – and pretty! xx

  2. each one made with love. I can imagine all those strips of paper cut up and getting rolled. I haven’t tried making a long strip of paper so I’ve been using thick scrap booking paper which can be colorful too. Can’t wait to see more colorful beads.