JTV Visit

Posted on Jun 25, 2011 in Events and Experiences | 7 comments

Recently I made a trip to Knoxville Tennessee and appear on JTV’s Jewel School promoting the Bamboo Rollers.   I am proud to say that it was a success!  You can purchase the same kit by clicking the link above.  I am officially announcing my title of Paper Bead Princess!


Here is the kit that is selling at JTV!


Here is yours truly, with Jewel School Host Kim!


For those of you who watched the show and sending me well wishes, I want to thank you!!!


  1. I didn’t know how to watch the show from where I am in Washington State, but I think you should be the “Paper Bead Queen”.

    Congratulations on your wonderful success.

    Come visit me on my web site and see the jewelry you have inspired me to do.

    Thank you, you are so awesome!

  2. Hi Janice
    I purchased one of those kits from JTV. Love the presentation.. Is there a book for information somewhere to learn to do the many new shaped beads like the saucer. My cancer treatment partners are all waiting to see new pink and white bracelets. They all have the ones like in the kit. Hope you can help. Keep up the great work.
    Siincerely Pamela

    • Hi Pamela,

      There is no book yet but I am coming up with a zine that will have templates for certain shapes. All I can say is that to experiment cutting the paper. Thank you for visiting. Janice

  3. JaniceMae,
    Congrats to you and all your efforts and ideas you share with sooooooooo many people! Are your parents still around to share in all this excitement? You sure have done them proud!
    Continued support from me!
    Thank you for your time, energy and sharing of your ideas!

  4. i watched that show and i should say you did very well and it makes me more proud that i am a paper beader when i saw how you promoted it!

  5. Congratulations to our beautiful princess of the moment! what a great promotion! I am very happy for you! you make a good ambassador for all paper beads! you’re really great!

  6. Congrats Janice! I am sooo excited for you!…Now you can help those children back home even more! Getting on a show like that is not an easy task that’s for sure…Wohooo!