JTV Jewelry Making Contest Sample Design -day 200

Posted on Sep 5, 2011 in 365 Paper Bead Creations | 8 comments

Hello everyone!  If you did not know it yet, JTV is sponsoring a jewelry making contest!  Please follow this link for details on how to enter .  They have incredible prices and I know that some of you are incredible artists so why not enter?  Here is a sample design if you need a little nudge:)


You want your design to stand out?  Why not incorporate paper beads?  Here’s what I want to offer to the first five readers who will email me:  I will send you the paper beads that you need for your design for FREE!!!!  The catch?  You will enter your creation and try and win the contest!  I am open to critique your work if you need my advice:)


‘Common guys, let’s win this contest!


  1. Hello Manou, yes i cant enter the competition either, however between the two of us we can sure cheer the others on!!!! come on ladies pull out the majick !! we are right behind you !!!lol sincerely Diane (nz)

  2. thank you for all the participant Diane !! i’m just so sorry to don’t participate to this contest because i’m not a USA resident ! so , i wish a good luck for all and i hope too that one of the winners will be a paper beader !!!

  3. Hello everyone,just dropped by to wish everyone entering the contest,the very best of luck and im hoping that one of you will win as this would be a huge booost to paper beaders everywhere! once again all the very best everyone! go for it!…Diane (nz)

  4. Did I make it to the 5th person to e-mail you? Hope so, I would love to do this challenge.


  5. well, I start again… : I would like to participate in this great contest! I have lots of ideas … (only if I can of course !)
    many thanks for this great idea, Janice!!

  6. sorry Janice! I was wrong name in previous comment!

  7. Oh I am so excited!! Send me some beads and I will try to win lol!

  8. wonderful !! let’s try and win !