In the Mood for Mod Paper Bead Necklace-Softflex Giveaway!

Posted on Jan 11, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 10 comments

Sara of Softlex, the number one choice of beaders for their jewelry stringing material was kind enough to donate three spools of Softflex in beautiful hues of greens.  Do you know that they have fun projects and free tutorials on their website?  Check it out at:  They came up with beading wire in a rainbow of colors, no need to hide your wire, this is meant to be shown and be a part of your design.  Here is a project idea, that I did with softflex medium in violet color.  Don’t you love the mod colors in this necklace?  I found these beads on sale at Jo-Ann’s fabric store.  The paper beads I used are the diamond shape in coordinating colors and the extra small round beads.

This is the Softlex Trios in Irish greens I am giving away, courtesy of Sara.

Rules?  There are no rules, all you have to do is email me or leave me a comment, just tell me a little bit about yourself.  For inspiration and ideas on how to use the softflex wire,visit them at Softlex

The materials I used for the Mod Paper Bead Necklace are the following:


Softflex medium in amethyst color.  The hot pink looks so pretty too, I’d say it’s cotton candy color.


I used diamond shape and small round paper beads.


Beads in mod colors


Tah Dah….






The Winner for the Tiara Paper Giveaway is Amber.  I appreciate all your comments on my 100th posts.  Thank you.


  1. Sure! 🙂 what is the email that would be fun.

  2. Yes I changed it for my friend so she can see it she also doesn’t have a myspace but if you type it instead of click this it should work fine then if you click the picture i have and it should show you the album i have. from there theres an album that says fun stuff i like to make and there should be the jewelry i make. Crocheting is very very fun, i cant help but make little dolls and little fun things.

    • Hi Elim, would you like to share your work here? Just email me photos, we would love to see your paper beads 🙂

  3. I just craft for fun myself and I’m always looking for new ideas. I have never tried paper beading but this is opening me up to all of the possibilities! This is such a happy necklace!

  4. Well my name is Elim, and I’ve been making lots with paper now, even with the paper beads. Its my number one hobby now, beside photography. I’ve been enjoying paper beads now for maybe 2 months and I can’t seem to stop. Here is my myspace you can check out pictures of what I have created its under fun things i make album. I got inspired just my looking at youtube videos then I see one of your videos on the side, i then click on it and i just couldnt stop watching them. Next thing you know i’ve been making lots of paper beads.
    your website has really inspired me the most with all your beautiful creations.

    • Hi Elim, I’m glad you found another new hobby, it is fun incorporating paper bead into your jewelry making. I did try and visit your myspace unfortunately I don’t have a myspace account so I couldn’t view your creations. I just read some comments of your friends, that you crochet also? Crochet is one of my favorite thing to do, I love making crocheted balls and have quite a few in my stash just waiting to be made into something. I’m glad you stopped by. Janice

  5. I like rainbows and multicolored items sooo much, I think I would look rather nice in this… hehe.. 🙂 Your paper beads are so nice and neat, I get impressed every time I see a pile of those!

  6. I loved discovering your blog with the help of all things paper! I also make paper beads, though not as stunning as these, as well as crafting in many other directions. I call myself craft-spastic, actually…it helps me make it through a life filled with more than my share of health problems, keeping me sane and letting me put smiles onto people’s faces. Thanks for the artistic (and civic) inspiration!

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  8. Being very new to paper beads and in fact beading itself, I would love to try this product out! Keep up the great work on this blog, I love reading it and getting inspired.