Imagine World Peace

Posted on Oct 15, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 8 comments

It is fun watching colorful magazine pages turn into beads that are vibrant and saturated in colors.  You don’t even have to sit there and agonize over which color would go well with each other, you put them together and somehow all the colors just blend and look like they belong……


The black rhodium plated eye pins used in connecting them, brought out the colors of the small round beads.


The bottle cap pendant makes this set casual yet feminine


Worn together?  Fabulous!


Reminders to participants of the Paper Bead Trade:  Please send in your beads by October 23rd, 36 beads or more, small to medium size beads if possible.  You can leave me a comment here if you have questions or email me.


  1. Hi Janice…thanks for your response! I like to use a stretchy cord for mine, and my Mom prefers a wire. Of course, we can provide those for ourselves! OK…so when you send out the kits, we make and keep the bracelets. OK…got it. You know, we will definitely send you pics!!! Thanks!

  2. Hi Janice! Hopefully you have recieved my Mom and my beads by the time you get this message…or next day or so. My question was
    Do we make the bracelets after we recieve the kits from you, and then re-send them back to swap, or do we keep the bracelets we make??? Is this a crazy question? I haven’t ever done a bead swap so am not sure how you do it.

    • Hi Julie,

      We received them thank you, they are very nice. I will be posting them on the blog Sunday together with other participants. I will send you a kit containing paper beads from the “traders” and memory wire or softflex depending on what you have decided to do, and KEEP the bracelets as a memento of this swap. I would love for you to send me a photo of your creation 🙂 Janice

  3. This is so cute! I love the little bottle cap pendant and the dark wire.

  4. This is very pretty. I thought I had signed up for the swap, but I have no idea where to send my beads. Maybe I didn’t get signed after all. :o(

  5. This looks very cool 😀 I could wear it every day!

  6. I really like this set Janice. Love the black rhodium eye pins with this.

  7. Mailed my beads yesterday with a guaranteed arrival for Monday…fingers crossed. I really like this set, especially the necklace. The first picture was nice….then to see the necklace with the bottlecap pendant….awesome.