Ice Resin On Paper Beads-day 35

Posted on Feb 4, 2011 in 365 Paper Bead Creations | 4 comments

One of the interesting product I saw at the CHA is Ice Resin.  I love the fact that you can use it on paper and it sort of laminates the paper.  You can see projects on their website, which is wholesale only but I’m sure Michael’s or other craft stores carry them.  It takes three days to cure, so for the impatient crafters out there, it’s something for you to think about. They were giving out samples at their booth and after the show I got to play with it.  Take a look:


You were suppose to use it to encase objects in a bezel cup, and you can see a doming effect.  I used it instead to hold the paper bead tubes onto a brooch finding and at the same time the crystals in the center.


I tried it on paper and it is drying as we speak.  I think it will make an interesting paper bead, don’t you think?  We’ll see….



  1. Wow this one is really neat, you always have such creative ideas.

  2. thank you, janice ! i just visited their website and it looks very interesting indeed to work with paper beads ! it leaves a lot of creatives possibilities… matter to follow!

  3. hello janice!
    I found the effect very nice but I have not understood exactly what it is! excuse me but my English is still approximate !
    bisous, manou

    • Hi Manou,

      You can go their website and see examples of pieces made with resin – Ice resin is a liquid substance that looks like glass once it hardens. They have some pretty interesting stuff. Bisous, Janice